Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Fairway tribute to our Heroes
In honor of Memorial Day, our Heroes and Wounded Warrior. Honored by FAIRWAY Independent Mortgage in PA.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Silent Heroes: Honoring War Dogs This Memorial Day


Honoring Military Dogs In honor of Memorial Day, my esteemed colleagues Lulu Schmoo, Zazou & Kiki here at The Daily Treat would like to recognize all the incredibly brave, selfless men, women and service & military dogs that have given their lives for our country.

No Longer Left Behind

War dogs have been silently fighting for on our behalf for decades and up until around the year 2000, most of these brave and dedicated souls were actually left behind, literally abandoned -- by the military despite having loyally loved and protected their soldiers in battle. In fact, after the Vietnam War, only 204 of an estimated 4,900 war dogs returned to the United States, according to military dog organizations.

Thankfully, this practice changed in the year 2000 when President Clinton signed a law allowing the dogs to be adopted. Last year, 338 dogs were adopted, including 34 that were given to police departments or other government agencies.

Military Dog Adoptions on the Rise

In fact, just this week MSNBC released a story indicating that life after the military is looking brighter than ever for America's four-legged veterans since one of their own helped in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden. War dog organizations say the number of people asking about adopting retired military canines has risen dramatically since the mission involving Cairo, the Navy SEALs dog tasked with tracking anyone who tried to escape from bin Laden's compound and alerting the special operations forces to anyone approaching.

To learn more about these incredible heroes and their stories or to learn about how to adopt and/or support retired war dogs, visit or Military Working Dog Adoptions.

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. We are having a cookout at Fairway Independent Mortgage today and paying tribute to our Fallen Heroes. Check out the very cool Under Armour Shirt I have on. Do you know that they are one of the largest supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project?

Thanks to all of you who serve our country. Have a safe and happy weekend but let us not forget.

Suzanne Harman
VA Mortgage Specialist
FAIRWAY Independent Mortgage Corp.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mental Health Month

Did you know...

* 1 in 5 service members from the current conflicts will experience PTSD.
* More than 300,000 who served in the current conflicts are believed to suffer from PTSD.
* In addition to its well-known symptoms of hyper-vigilance and sleeplessness, PTSD can also cause memory loss and trouble concentrating.
* PTSD is not simply a psychological phenomenon- it can also cause structural changes in the brain.
* Research hasn’t yet determined why some individuals get PTSD and others don’t, but we do know it is NOT caused by any mental weakness.
* Friends, family members, and caregivers of individuals with PTSD can also experience PTSD symptoms.
* Many service members are afraid to seek help. Among those who do, only half receive care considered “minimally adequate” by researchers.

Honor Mental Health Awareness Month ( by helping to share facts about PTSD!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thank you.............

May is national Military Appreciation Month. I am asking you: What would you say to our nation's military personnel and veterans to express your appreciation?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Riding for Fallen Heroes

In March 2004, I was on doggie death row at the SPCA. On my third day at the SPCA, Butch (my chauffeur and dad) found a picture of me on the internet and decided to drive two hours to see me. Read the rest of my story here and how my daddy and I are riding across America for our Fallen Heroes.